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Wedding Cakes

Celebrating a special event with delectable cakes baked from scratch is the best way to create sweet and delicious memories.

Custom made with creative designs, our specialty cakes are perfect for any occasion.


Specializing in all styles of wedding cakes from the decadent to the simplistic, we offer delicious works-of-art designed to make your special event memorable. With Icing, Fondant Icing, frosting, sugar paste, ganache, glace icing and more options...


Whether you are looking for a modest or elegant design, our custom cakes provide a beautiful focal point for special occasions.


We have plenty of Cake Pictures for you to look at but you are more then welcome to send us any pictures of cakes for us to look also. Tell us all your questions and we will answer all of them!


And.. Yes! We deliver to all locations in Santorini.

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