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Various Desserts and products in our Bakery

In Santorini we are the most famous bakery Patisserie because we have everything and in top quality! And if we dont have it we will bring it upon your request.


We have Home made Ice cream per kilo or per person as per photos below served in weddings and parties as well, Cake Pops, Cupcakes, local desserts for weddings called "koyfeto", we also have wedding sugared almonds as served in Greek Weddings. Βonbonnieres, Macaroons, Cookies, Sweet Pies, Home made Baklava, Kantaifi, Pastries, Galaktompoureko (milk-pie), buns, chocolates, biscuits and many more.

If you are wedding planner or planning a wedding or event by yourself , if you own a business - hotel, restaurant, cafeteria - we will deliver everything to you and always with the lowest possible cost!

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